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Games Workshop's Fine Cast range

I know that I'm 'a bit late to the party', in regards to investing in Games Workshop's Fine Cast range of models however, I've got quite a few good reasons for this. I'm trying to keep this post on topic so, I'll be brief and say that the cost of the models, initial problems with casting and the fact that, out of the last five years I've only been living in the UK for one of them, has meant that only now, 1st February 2014 (I know this blog was uploaded in August however, the model is a present for someone and I didn't want them to see it before their birthday), have I actually had the experience of purchasing, assembling and painting a Fine Cast model. So what did I think...


A rather short segment however, a pretty important one for most people. A couple of things have put me off investing in any Games Workshop model for a while know. I still believe that their range of models are the best however, there have been a few things the company has done which has annoyed me. First of all, it would appear that army and rulebooks are being designed by accountants more than games designers; I haven't played a game of Warhammer (be that fantasy or 40k) for ages however, from what I've seen the model count on the board keeps getting higher whereas the quality of the rules keeps getting worse. The last time I watched a game of fantasy it looked as though the 'model count' was on a parr with my Warmaster army. If I wanted to play with huge armies, then I'll play either EPIC or Warmaster; the reason why I liked 40k and Fantasy is that it filled that gap between a skirmish game and a 6mm 'army fest' perfectly. It felt as though you were bringing an army to the table however, each model counted. As I continue to try and improve my painting, I found myself unable to paint an army (which worked with the new rules) in less than six months which, kind of put me off before even starting.

Secondly, a long time ago the company put up the prices of all their stuff significantly stating that metal (at the time they used something called 'white metal') was increasing in price and so, their product had to go up in price too. This was fine … until they moved away from metal and created their whole range in resin (which costs nothing) and still the prices are climbing. Whereas before I could get a unit of models for £15.00, I am now struggling to purchase two models for that price. Games Workshop said that the price now reflected their products superb quality; which brings me onto point three.

When the range first came out, there were quite a few complains over the quality (due to a lot of miscasts). Along with the price tag this did put me off some what however, in December 2014 I found myself looking through the racks of Fine Cast models within my local Games Workshop store, trying to find a good – put not too expensive – model to test and give away as a present. I purchased the below Eldar Farceer … which cost £12!


Once out of the plastic packaging (which took some time and some choice words I can tell you) I looked at the sprue crying at just how little I got for my pound. On further inspection the quality of the cast was excellent. Once more, the model fit together superbly and was quite easy to assemble. I was still annoyed that, for £12, there were still some mould lines however, it didn't take long to get rid of them. I also noticed that quite a lot of thought had gone into the model itself; in previous days additional detail meant 'hard to reach' areas with the brush however, with this model, there was a lot of detail and all of it was accessible … even the ruined stone base the model stood on. Even with all of this accessibility, the model was still correct proportionally and still looked as though it could 'kick ass'.


Though I do use a few paints from other companies, most of my paints are from Games Workshop because, I believe, that they are the best. Recently, a lot of work has gone into their paint range and the result is quite incredible. Not only does Games Workshop's paint system of 'base', 'layer', 'ink' etc work excellently but it actually makes painting a very beautiful model rather easy. So too does the Fine Cast model itself with it's beautiful sooth surfaces; it's as if the paint glides on and, as I said above, thought has gone into the model in regards to painting it, making it easier still.

Overall Verdict

On the whole these models are excellent. I truly believe that they are the best in the world and, if you love painting, then you will enjoy painting these. They seem to make for great little projects and possible 'works of art' for your study or house.

If you are looking at playing Warhammer Fantasy or 40k, at 1,000 points or below, then both on your time and budget constraints these models will allow you to field a truly impressive force however; most people like to play Warhammer Fantasy or 40k at much higher point levels and, if you are like me, you know that you cannot give the time these models deserve. If this is the case – and you are playing with your mates – then I would recommend purchasing cheaper models from other companies (and there are some truly brilliant models out there) and maybe getting your heroes from Games Workshop. I do truly believe that if you don't have the time to do these models justice, then the ridiculously high price is just not worth it.

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