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How to paint 10mm Yashigaru

Okay; so I've finished another two Yashigaru (getting through them). With their completion I decided, before I go any further, to write down how I'm going to paint this historic samurai army. To start with, below is a list of items you will need if you decide to copy my design:


1x very thin brush
1x slightly thicker brush
1/2x files
1x pair of clippers
50x small bases (I got mine from here)
A lot x blue, or white tac

Paints - (all paints are from Games Workshop)

1x Nuln Oil*
1x kantor blue
1x Steel Legion drab
1x Eshin grey
1x Ratskin flesh
1x Abaddon black*
1x Agrax earthshade*
1x Aldorf guard blue
1x White scar*
1x Balor brown
1x The fang
1x Kislev flesh
1x Leadbelcher
1x Ironbreaker
1x Rungfang steel

*If you have a lot of samurai to paint I recommend getting two pots of these colours.

Stage 1

Objective: The objective of this stage is to give the model an undercoat.

Stage 1.1 - Cover the entire model in Nuln oil. I use a 'shade' as it covers well enough and, because the paint is so thin, there is no threat of loss to the detail of the model.

Stage 2

Objective: The objective here is to cover the entire model in it's 'base' colours leaving no 'raw metal' showing. Throughout this process I'm was always 'touching up' base colours I've already painted, with the end result of having the entire model covered in a 'coloured paint'.

Stage 2.1 / 2.2 / 2.3 - I always start with the largest colour, on the model, and finish with the smallest. For the Yashigaru, blue is most prominent colour and so I applied a slightly watered down layer of Kantor blue making sure that all of the models armor - plus banner - was fully covered with no metal showing. Next I moved onto the wood, using a slightly watered down layer of Steel legion drab as the base colour before painting the models few areas of cloth with a slightly watered down layer of Eshin grey.

Stage 2.4 - Next up was the skin. When viewing, most people are drawn to the face, of any model, and so making sure a models flesh is well paint is of the up-most importance. I applied a slightly watered down layer of Ratskin flesh making sure that it covered all of the skin areas (don't forget the hands!).

Stage 2.5 - Finally paint all of the models metal with Abaddon black. Do not water this down as it has to be very strong.

Stage 3

Objective: To add 'depth' to the model it's important to add a shade or two. This will darken the shadows and highlight the raised areas with very little work for you. On models 25mm and upwards you will probably use a whole array of 'shades'; one probably for every colour. On a model of this size that isn't needed and a 'shade' that complements all colours should be chosen.

Stage 3.1 - Using the larger of my two brushes I applied a generous layer of Agrax Earthshade. I love this shade; it gives your models a very realistic 'dirty look' and I use it on almost everything. TOP TIP: If you find the shade gathering in a certain area wash, and dry, your brush and apply it to that area; the dry brush will soak up any excess paint and leave your model with just enough 'shade' to do the job without loosing detail.

Stage 4

Objective: This is the final stage of painting these models and this stage is all about adding 'highlights' to raised areas. For cloth and armor (i.e. bits of the model which are uneven) this stage is easy as a quick 'drybrush' will do the job (with 25mm models you have to be a bit more careful but with 10mm, it's not a problem). For plate armor and staffs (i.e. bits of the model which are flat and smooth) a lighter version of the base colour should do the trick.

Stage 4.1 - Highlight the blue armor and flag - using the drybrush method for the armor, and painting the flag with light coats of blue paint - with Kantor blue. Then highlight again with Aldorf guard blue and finally add a third highlight by mixing (50/50) Aldorf guard blue with White scar.

Stage 4.2 - Highlight the wood - by painting the wood with light coats of brown paint - with Steel legion drab. Then highlight it (50/50) Steel legion drab with Balor brown.

Stage 4.3 - Highlight the grey cloth - by painting the cloth with light coats of grey paint - with Eshin grey. Then highlight again with The fang before finally adding a third highlight by mixing (50/50) The fang with White scar.

Stage 4.4 - Highlight the skin - by painting the skin with light coats of skin coloured paint - with Ratskin flesh. Then highlight again with a mix (50/50) of Ratskin flesh and Kislev flesh before finally adding a light drybrush of Kislev flesh.

Stage 4.5 - Paint the black with Leadbelcher sliver before giving it a coat of Nuln oil.

Stage 4.6 - Once dry repaint the area with Leadbelcher, before painting the area with Ironbreaker. Finally add a light drybrush of Runfang steel.

And there you go! Two Yashigaru ready for the battlefield!

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