Monday, 14 September 2015

Having a 'gaming reason' to paint holds more weight than cultural references

Yesterday, I managed to finish the final 'rear rank' Yashigaru model for my 15mm historical Samurai army.

June 2013 ... June 2013 was when I started to paint these models and now, twenty-seven months later, I find that only seventy-seven models have been completed. 

I could make all sorts of excuses:

- I was busy. 
- I only plan on living in Japan for a couple of years therefore, I've made the most of my time 'experiencing' this wonderful country. 

Sadly, there is only one real reason. When I embarked on this project, I'd hoped that living in the same country as where the army is from, might entice me to paint the army at a decent speed. You will notice that my Yashigaru's armour is blue; the colour of the 'Date warlord' who's capital was based within the prefecture I live in. In truth no amount of films, books and sightseeing trips to old Japanese castles kept me motivated enough to paint seventy-seven models a year, let alone my initial target of seventy-seven models a month! I have come to the conclusion that, for me, there really is no replacement for an arranged game - or a tournament - to keep me motivated.

That is not to say that I haven't enjoyed my time painting these models. Due to the fact that I've only painted these models when I've actually wanted to paint them, has meant that I have really enjoyed it. What I haven't enjoyed is watching my painting pile decrease at a pitifully slow rate.

Due to not having any games lined up, these aren't the only models that I have been painting. In December 2014, I went home to the UK. Once at home, I rummaged around and found some old Lord of the Rings models which I decided to take back to Japan with me. 'Maybe it's the scale which is the problem' I thought to myself however, even these 25mm models have taken me a long time to finish.

These Nazgul required very little effort. Black, followed by a thick black wash pretty much finished them.

In real life, my Gollum model does look better than this photo indicates. Again it wasn't a hard model to paint and yet, it took me a while.

Just a quick note; Boromir isn't finished. 

Another problem I've encountered is that, my 'local hobby store' is over two hundred miles south. This has meant that I am restricted to the paints which I bought for my Yashigaru. Not wanting all members of the Fellowship to have brown clothing, I am currently in the process of highlighting Boromir's clothes all the way to a cream colour. It has actually been quite fun trying to get the maximum amount of colours from such a small collection of paints.

Well that's it for this update; a pitiful amount considering the length of time since my last. I need to go out and buy some super glue (the pot I bought twenty-seven months ago has dried up) so that I can stick the rear Yashigaru to their proper bases (five to a base). I can then undercoat the 'front line Yashigaru' models and get them ready for painting.

See you in December 2017! 

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