Thursday, 7 September 2017

(Enter team name here) ... My Skaven Team is ready for the field!

Hello sports fans!

Well another two months (just over actually) and another team is finished. I now have a fully painted Skaven team consisting of twenty-one players (six less than the orcs) and eight coaching staff (eight more than the orcs ... unless you count 'Tony').

I decided to paint this team in a totally different way to my previous one. This time, I saw a beautiful Skaven team on Facebook, painted in black and yellow. I decided to copy it and, even though my results aren't quite as good as the team I saw on Facebook, I am still happy with them.

My team was painted using the below technique:

Base Coat: Dwarf flesh was used for the flesh. Black was used for most of the fabric and metal parts. A mid-range yellow was used on the armour and a mid-range brown was used on any pouches, belts etc.

Washes: The entire model was washed in Agrax Earthshade (I love this paint).

Highlights: Dwarf flesh followed by elf flesh was used to highlight the flesh. I picked out the edges of the black fabric with a very dark blue, followed by a mid-range blue. A mid-range yellow - followed by a light-range yellow - was used on the armour. A mid-range brown followed by a lighter brown was used on any pouches, belts etc. A dark-silver was applied to all of the black metal parts. The eyes were painted in a dark-red. The teeth and claws were painted in a bone colour.

Washes: Seraphim Sepia was used to give the metal parts a rusty look.

Highlights: The metal was highlighted with a dark-metal before smaller parts were highlighted with a lighter metal.

Below are some photos of my new team:

Apothcary, head coach and six Cheerrats.

Two Blitzers

 Four Gutter Runners

 Twelve Linerats

 A Rat Ogre

 Two Throwers

 The whole Team

And that is it! In total it is...

1x Head Coach,   0gc
1x Apothcary     50,000gc
6x Cheerrats     60,000 gc
1x Rat Ogre,    150,000 gc
2x Blitzers,      180,000 gc
4x Gutter Runners, 320,000 gc
12x Linerats,   600,000 gc
3x Re-rolls,     180,000 gc
Total          1,540,000gc

If you are wondering why there arn't any names that is because I haven't thought of any yet (not even my team name). If you have any topical - yet comical - names please let me know. One rat will be called Bob!

Next ... Dwarfs!

Toodle Pip!

Monday, 26 June 2017

The Lavender 'Leadbelchers'

Hello one and all!

Well, after five years of living in Japan I am now back in the UK and, what a way to make a come-back to the hobby by painting a 27-man (err orc) Bloodbowl team. It has taken about two months to complete (which is a little slow) however, considering I haven't really painted anything for five years ... it's not too bad.

I currently use 'Coat 'D' Arms' paints (as you get more paint per pot - and they cost less - than Games Workshop's paints) which I really like. Below is a basic guide to how I painted my team:

Orc lineorc:

1) - Base colours: Bogey green (for the flesh), poison purple (for the armour), Elven Grey (for the clothes), hairy beard (for the leather), black (for the boots and spikes).

2) - Once done, I washed the whole model in Games Workshop's Athrax Earthshade.

3) - I highlighted the flesh and purple by adding 'bone' to both base colours. For the clothes, I just applied another coat of Elven Grey. For the leather, I applied a lighter brown. For the spikes and boots, I applied black once more before applying gunmetal and washing them in Games Workshop's Serpent Sepier. Finally, I would highlight all spikes and boots with Mithril Silver.

The 'Lavender Leadbelchers' Team

4x Blitzers 320,000
4xBlack Orcs 320,000
1x Troll 110,000
2x Throwers 140,000
12x Lineorcs 600,000
4x Goblins 160,000
4x Re-rolls 240,000
8x Fan-factor 80,000
Total 1,970,000

Well, that's it, for now, sports fans! Next up.....

.... Skaven!

P.S. Orc names wanted! I have twenty-seven members to name as so far, one orc has been named 'Bob'. Any ideas please leave a comment.

Tuesday, 28 March 2017

And nine were given to the race of men; who above all desire greed and power

With the Fellowship finished I just had to paint an opponent for them to face...

*This is not a photo of my actual Nasgul as I appear to have lost all photos I had taken of them. Still; they are very similar.

They were not particularly difficult; black, black ... a black wash and then more black (with a hint of silver) and they were pretty much done.

Soon however, I will be starting on something very exciting ... I couple of new Blood Bowl teams.

Watch this space!

Toodle Pip!

Wednesday, 10 August 2016

A tale of 18 paints


Well, it has been a while hasn't it? That is not to say that I haven't been busy painting; in December 2014 I went back home to the UK and, when packing to return to Japan, I put eleven Lord of the Rings models within my suitcase. With my Warmaster Ancient Japanese project closed (due to having no momentum to actually finish the army), I have found myself painting these eleven Lord of the Rings models and, actually, I have quite enjoyed it.

The models in question have been the Fellowship (bar Legolas and Gandalf as I had already finished these two models when I was back in the UK .... bases now need redoing to match the ones I have painted here in Japan), Bilbo, Gollum and two Nazgul. All of these models are, basically, individual characters and therefore have had to be painted up as such. This led to a problem as here, in Japan, I only have eighteen different paints...

What I thought would be an absolute nightmare turned out to be a lot of fun. Given the choice, I would still prefer to have hundreds of different coloured paints however, having such a limited choice gave me the opportunity to play around with what paints to use as possible highlights. Usually, I just mix a bit of white with the original colour and hey-presto, a highlight colour. Now, in order to achieve as many different shades of the same colour as possible, I have highlighted with Bleached Bone and even Elf Flesh; which has given some really interesting results though, don't take my word for it ... please see below:

'So what is next?' I hear you say. Well GW does have stores in Japan and so I can place an order online (as my closest store is 500km away). I might order another seven Nazgul to finish them off however, they won't take long to paint (it is just black). After that ... I actually have no idea.

Toodle Pip!