Sunday, 16 June 2013

2 Yashigaru done .... 3,682 to go!

Considering that these are the first two models I've painted in over a year, I think they have come out rather well.

They didn't take to long either; to get the two from a black undercoat to this stage took about two hours. I really like the blue armour. It may not be 'historically correct', but it's the colour of my Samurai army in 'Total War: Shogun 2' and so I'm sticking to it.

I would be more 'overjoyed' at completing my first two models but, looking at the pile of unpainted led to my right, the celebrations are on hold until at least a few more are finished.

I hope to put up a painting guide in the 'not too distant future' but until then...



  1. So, only another 3,682 man hours to go. Or 153.42 days, or just under 5 months of constant painting...

    They do look good though ;-)

  2. Thanks for the uplifting comment. :)

    It gets worse though:

    a) This is only half the army (I currently own 1,000pts and people usually play 2,000pts).

    b) In this period of history the Japanese fought themselves. As not many other people have a Japanese samurai army, at this scale, I will have to paint the opposition.

    Ho hum