Sunday, 26 May 2013

You may not see many changes; but work has been completed

Slightly over a month from my previous post and my Samurai army now looks like this:

Now; to the 'untrained eye' this photo looks remarkably similar to the last one. To the 'newbie' out there, it looks as though I've been slacking ...

... but I haven't (well, not as much as you think). Even though all the models are back in their plastic bags, they have all had the 'flash' removed from them; either by pincer or by file (not sure which one sounds worse). I have to say that the new Games Workshop 'emery board' things are rubbish. Difficult to hold, they felt as though they were loosing their ability to 'file' after about ten models. Unfortunately in Japan, model supplies are difficult to come by and so I might be purchasing them again; but I will be wishing for my old files (which I bought from GW years ago and are still fine and are easier to hold) when I do.

Within those bags are over three hundred 10mm models and it has taken all of my patience to sit, and file, them one-by-one. I had to remind myself - on many occasions - just how important this phase is. I know all to well that, if the 'cleaning up' phase is rushed, it will have a horrible unchangeable effect on the final piece. I therefore stuck to it and finally finished cleaning the last Samurai this afternoon.

Now; when I ordered this army I ordered bases as well. When the bases arrived they were way to small (not sure who's fault it was; mine or the company. It didn't matter; the bases weren't expensive and so I placed an order for the right size the day I discovered my error) but, as it happens, they have come in rather useful. 

Once finished, the 10mm infantry will stand ten to a 40mm x 20mm base (in two lines of five). Normally I would glue the models on their bases before painting them however, if I did that, it would be very difficult to paint them (each model would be too close to the other). Therefore, I have used these smaller bases and 'blue-taced' 75 Ashigaru '2 to a base':

This should give me ample room to paint each model before transferring them to their final resting place.

Finally, after 14 months a paint brush will soon be in my hands.

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