Sunday, 28 January 2018

It was a putrid Christmas

"...It was the night before Christmas, and all around the house, decay and disease were present ... affecting all including a mouse..."
Well, not quite. Games Workshop released the 8th Edition of 40k earlier last year and, after watching copious games being played online - and having played a game myself - I believe that this edition is the best for a long, long time.

Whats more; Game Workshop released some new impressive sculpts for their Chaos Nurgle Marine range. When it comes to armies, I've always been a 'goody two shoes' with previous Games Workshop armies being Ultramarines and High elves. Having said that, I have always fancied dabbling in the 'dark side' however, the Chaos 40K old range of models really put me off (I still think the standard Chaos Marines, Terminators and tanks are awful). If I am going to do an evil army - such as Chaos - it has to look evil; when it is deployed on the board, it has to look like your worst nightmare. With the new range of Death Guard models, I believe that Games Workshop has finally hit that mark, therefore, my Christmas 'would like' list, was filled with plague and pestilence.

Christmas day came and I got...

3x boxes of five cultists
2x boxes of six Poxwalkers
1x box of five Terminators (two of which, have been converted into characters)
1x box of seven Plague Marines
2x Elite Characters

I also bought myself another box of cultists and a tank.

Since Christmas, I have been painting the twelve Poxwalkers (I will need more). They took me forever. I don't think you will be able to see it too clearly on the below photos but, the skin (which was most of the model) was washed with three or four different washes (a green wash, a red wash, a purple wash and a brown wash) to create pestilence and death. I then highlighted the skin so that only the cracks and certain small parts of the model show the different colours. I then highlighted the skin multiple shades of flesh to try and give a 'deathly light' colour. Though it took forever, I really enjoyed trying out a new painting technique. Usually, my painting is very neat due to painting armies/ teams/gangs of 'good'. Being evil gave me the new challenge of trying to paint 'messy'... which is very difficult indeed.

Toodle Pip!

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  1. Impressive stuff. definitely a different theme from your 'tidy' elves and Tau. I wonder if a little more contrast on the pustules could help them 'pop' (no pun intended)?