Monday, 26 June 2017

The Lavender 'Leadbelchers'

Hello one and all!

Well, after five years of living in Japan I am now back in the UK and, what a way to make a come-back to the hobby by painting a 27-man (err orc) Bloodbowl team. It has taken about two months to complete (which is a little slow) however, considering I haven't really painted anything for five years ... it's not too bad.

I currently use 'Coat 'D' Arms' paints (as you get more paint per pot - and they cost less - than Games Workshop's paints) which I really like. Below is a basic guide to how I painted my team:

Orc lineorc:

1) - Base colours: Bogey green (for the flesh), poison purple (for the armour), Elven Grey (for the clothes), hairy beard (for the leather), black (for the boots and spikes).

2) - Once done, I washed the whole model in Games Workshop's Athrax Earthshade.

3) - I highlighted the flesh and purple by adding 'bone' to both base colours. For the clothes, I just applied another coat of Elven Grey. For the leather, I applied a lighter brown. For the spikes and boots, I applied black once more before applying gunmetal and washing them in Games Workshop's Serpent Sepier. Finally, I would highlight all spikes and boots with Mithril Silver.

The 'Lavender Leadbelchers' Team

4x Blitzers 320,000
4xBlack Orcs 320,000
1x Troll 110,000
2x Throwers 140,000
12x Lineorcs 600,000
4x Goblins 160,000
4x Re-rolls 240,000
8x Fan-factor 80,000
Total 1,970,000

Well, that's it, for now, sports fans! Next up.....

.... Skaven!

P.S. Orc names wanted! I have twenty-seven members to name as so far, one orc has been named 'Bob'. Any ideas please leave a comment.


  1. What lovely calming colours! Hints of Hulk in the colour choices?

  2. I used bone to highlight the green instead of straight white ... less sharp I think